Сonnecting people with ideas and experiences for innovation.


Our qoals is connect ideas and talanted people to fast qrowing business.

Your idea could change the world!

Create any project based on your idea

  • Describe your idea;
  • Tell about your competitors;
  • Competitive advantages;
  • Your problem ( whats' you need to realize your idea)?

If you are looking for co-founder, you can find this person with solution for your project.


You will take a perfect feedback:

Actuality of your project;

Competing solutions and weaknesses

Sing up and add you project and get analitycs and support from ctreative club. 

Monetize your knowledge and experience

  • You could join to the project team;
  • Helps project to grow and take a goals;
  • You could be shareholders and share you shares;
  • You could be a part of creative club to solve the problems, not fo free;
  • You will be proud of awards and recognition of colleagues with solutions of creative club.

Creative club is сommunity of innovators and experts

We are looking for supervisor of creative club and local partners for idea-x.

 We will make an offer to you. You could be the part of developing team at the projects. 

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If you know how to make this project better- welcome to idea-x.